About Us

At Body To Bliss Yoga we are delighted to provide you with…

  • A highly trained and knowledgeable family of teachers
  • A friendly, welcoming vibe and relaxed atmosphere
  • A beautiful and spacious studio
  • Drop-in classes in a wide variety of styles and levels providing something for everyone
  • Popular, on-going pre-registered courses such as, Gentle Yoga 50+, Yoga for Beginners, Pre/Postnatal Yoga
  • Our Prenatal Doula services
  • Class sizes that range from small and intimate to large and social

Yoga and Our Philosophy

Yoga is multifaceted like a diamond: it means different things to different practitioners. For some, it is merely a system of physical exercise, weight management or stress relief. For others, it is a spiritual path handed down for centuries to help us make sense of the world today. And for some practitioners, yoga is simply a way of life.

Over the passage of time, yoga has evolved into so many guises, some barely recognizable from its origins. We wish to teach yoga by honouring its rich philosophies, traditions and history. With yogasana (physical practice) the body and its muscles and ligaments are stretched open from the outside. With conscious breathing practice (pranayama), the body is stretched from the inside so that if unfurls like a flower. With the opening of the body, the mind will become less rigid and more embracing, guiding us to our state of Bliss.

As teachers, our task is to lead you to your inner teacher, so that you may find your own yoga. We are merely facilitators, passing down the centuries-old teaching like a conduit, but we are never the masters. The innate knowledge and inner wisdom already lie within each and every one of us. Our job is to guide you to this space. You have to experience your own yoga and to believe in it and that belief can only come from experience.

We thank you for choosing our studio as the sacred space for your practice and look forward to seeing you.

The Body to Bliss Yoga Family