Body To Bliss Yoga Family


As yoga teachers, we feel honoured and blessed to have an opportunity to express our love and gratitude for yoga through our teaching.  This wonderful ancient practice has brought so much joy and compassion into our lives and we thank you for allowing us to share the gift of yoga with you.





Ladan Paolini – Studio Director/Owner, ERYT 200, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga and Wellness Educator, Reiki Practitioner, Thai Massage Practitioner
My journey of finding a healthier me started in 1998.  As I practiced yoga, I couldn’t help notice the changes I was experiencing and as my practice evolved throughout the years so did my life.  I trusted my body more and began eating better and completely avoided all medication!  Marriage, motherhood and teaching yoga brought upon a major shift in my life, one which has guided me to my true path and continues to amaze me everyday.  Life has not been the same since discovering yoga! I continue my holistic studies in self care to first and foremost heal myself and as a result share my knowledge with others.  I feel blessed and honour to be able to empower women of all ages to live a healthier, happier life and this inspires me everyday to be the best version of me.  I truly believe that our empowerment comes from understanding that we are the creator of our life and the unity of our physical, mental and spiritual self is key in finding our true happiness. I’m grateful to all of my teachers, fellow teachers, my clients who have graced my life with their beautiful energy.







Angela Catenaro McNeill – RYT 200


I teach a traditional Hatha Yoga focusing on breath and self-awareness. My Yoga classes will encompass asana and meditation with Chakra energy healing. I am joyful to share my Yoga with adults, children, and families. I feel that Yoga is truly a gift and through this gift, it is my soul desire to help others awaken to their inner beauty and shine their true essence.





Rita Blandi – RYT 200 

I have been teaching a variety of yoga and pilates classes consistently since graduating from the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at Blue Door Yoga in early 2008. I began teaching because I wanted to share this beautiful, physical and spiritual practice of yoga with as many people as possible, and live my mantra of keeping the body, mind and spirit healthy and happy.

My classes include meditation, guided breathwork and relaxation, and asanas that will stretch, strengthen and challenge you, with a focus on core and back strength. I look forward to seeing you in my classes and being a part of your amazing yoga journey.




Michelle Gravina – RYT 200

I started practicing Yoga while living in Curitiba, Brazil at Uni-Yoga Universidade. Instantly feeling the benefits of my practice, I continued practicing while living in Milan, Italy. Returning to Toronto in 2005, I moved forward and completed the 200hr RYT program, in 2007 at Blue Door Yoga Room. I feel blessed and rewarded with teaching Yoga to so many diverse groups, children, seniors, and beginners, as well as advanced students and I hope to make my students feel welcomed and comfortable in my classes.

My classes focus on breathing, stretching and toning the muscles with your own body weight. Calming of the mind is important to experience the full benefits of Yoga, as such, sometimes we practice mediation and at the end of the class there is always a five minute rest period called Savasana, to give the body a chance to absorb all the benefits of the class.

Feeling grounded on your Yoga mat can be a feeling that you can take with you when you step off your Yoga mat, bringing that grounding into your life.  Focusing on the breath is very important during your Yoga practice and that as well, you can come back to during life’s challenging times, giving yourself a chance to act instead of reacting.

Words to Aspire:

“Live the best life you possibly can. Staying focused in the present moment, the past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived, so live happily now.”


 Liz Defreitas – RYT 200












Tony Commisso – RYT 200

In January 2011 I was certified as a Yoga Alliance RYT200 level teacher. In the same year I also completed my Yin Yoga Intensive teacher training and Yoga for seniors’ teacher training. I have since taken numerous workshops that will help me help others make positive changes in mind body and spirit.

Prior to my interest as a yoga teacher, I had engaged in many activities that required a lot of physical strength and endurance. I previously saw yoga as a simple stretching practice. But after finding myself on a journey towards self discovery, I soon realized that there was more to this ancient practice than meets the eye.

Yoga has taught me that a person’s level of health and wellness is not a measure of how much or how far they can take their bodies but rather how well they know their bodies with the ability to embrace what they know. In the true spirit of yoga the practice does not challenge you but instead allows you to challenge yourself. This means that no matter where you are physically, mentally or spiritually, you are always at the right place and time to engage in the practice. From this understanding I teach yoga from a therapeutic perspective which allows me to see every student as a unique individual.

After realizing the therapeutic benefits of yoga, it made perfect sense for me to become certified as a cancer exercise training specialist. The designated training is currently part of a one of a kind program designed to educate health and fitness professionals so that they can empower cancer survivors. My goal is to embrace this training as a yoga teacher and offer specialty classes to individuals as well as group sessions.

Since my original teaching style is based on vinyasa yoga, the students can expect to find in any of the asana classes that I teach, a combination of movements flowing from one posture into the next. Whether the student is resting between postures or sequences, they will learn the importance of focusing and moving with the breath.

Because I believe that music is the doorway to the soul, I put forth my best efforts to theme it accordingly for all my classes. It is my wish that the student becomes lost in the music as they become inspired by the awareness that the breath brings to every posture.

My passion for teaching is not limited to the physical practice of yoga. I love teaching meditation classes as I believe meditation is vital for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice. I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to still the mind due to life’s many challenges. Because of this and my endeavour to inspire people to positively change their lives, I am passionate about teaching life changing workshops. Each workshop that I create is carefully designed to help a person create that sense of peace that many of us are looking for.

I believe that yoga will bring peace to anyone’s life if all of its components are equally embraced. This means equally engaging in a physical practice, a mindful practice, and a spiritual practice. That said, I welcome all yogis and yogis to be, to come experience their bodies, honour their minds and embrace their spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!!!


image1-2Lilian Chan- RYT 200

I was first exposed to Yoga in the year 2000 and have enjoyed practicing since. When I left the corporate world of retail back in 2012 I found myself drawn to explore the practice even further and enrolled in the Teacher Training Program at Body to Bliss Yoga Studio where I completed and graduated from the course in June 2013. I never imagined a form of exercise and relaxation would turn into a 2nd career. Since then I have been teaching classes at Body to Bliss Yoga Studio as well as bringing yoga to the areas surrounding the city of Vaughan & Brampton. I am pleased to offer yoga to students of various levels and exposure ranging from the young age of 6 to seniors. In addition to my RYT 200 certification under the Yoga Alliance of Canada, I also hold various hours and certificates in other yoga related training such as YIN, Kids Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chair Yoga, Prenatal, aa well as understanding the importance of Core and Pilates methods. The physical practice of yoga has definitely help strengthen my body and allow for better flexibility over the years but it is the true overall practice of yoga that has enhanced my body, mind and spirit; my life!

Fran Brunke  ERYT 200

has been teaching Yoga Nidra since 2007.  She firmly believes that  humans deserve to feel relaxed about living their life and that yoga nidra’s time has come.

Fran is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher, having trained with Richard Miller Ph.D., originator of iRest.

Fran is a lifelong educator and recognized as an innovative teacher.  A former yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer at Blue Door Yoga Room, Fran looks forward to sharing this yoga nidra experience with all who wish to rest a while.

Basantdeep Kaur (Anna Madejak)

is a Certified KRI Kundalini, Classical and Hormone Yoga Therapy
teacher. Since1995 her passion for yoga has grown continuously as she explored a variety of yoga  styles and realized the tremendous healing, and transformational power of yoga. After completing Rei-Ki II and graduating from Classical Yoga training at Humber College she completed Kundalini Yoga Teacher training, Beyond Addiction Yoga training and became certified as Healthy Breast Educator with Sat Dharam Kaur ND. Since then Basantdeep has been helping students to conquer addictive behaviours  by teaching the Beyond Addiction program in her yoga studio and at the Vitanova Foundation Treatment Center in Woodbridge, Ontario.  As a Healthy Breast Educator she assists women in recovering from breast cancer through teaching the Healthy Breast Program. Basantdeep also provides training and classes for women interested in hormone balance, improved fertility and menopausal symptoms management.

image Ashleigh Irwin  RYT 200

I started practicing yoga over four years ago; it was an escape from my very demanding store manager job, which was creating a lot of stress and sleepless nights. As each class progressed it became clear that this escape was becoming something more, and I began to embark on a spiritual journey that offered much more than a yoga class.
Yoga has helped me reconnect with my body after taking several years off from dancing; it has also opened up a new world of peace and stillness through meditation which previously ceased to exist. Two years into my practice I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to bring this kind of change and peace to others and vowed to become a certified teacher by my 30th Birthday. In May 2013 I started my 200 hour Hatha teacher training under Diana Lockett from Mississauga; in January 2014 I also completed her Yin/Yang training under Erin Aquin from De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton. Since completing my own training, I have assisted Diana of her last teacher training, and will be assisting again starting in October 2014. The style of yoga I teach is a fusion between Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin/Yang yoga. All classes strongly root under the Anusara principal’s. This type of yoga resonates the most with my journey, and has helped me open up my heart to something bigger on and off the mat. As a teacher, I pride myself on focusing all my attention on the student’s. This is their journey I am just here to guide, support, send love and help strengthen their bodies, minds and souls. I also hope to inspire myself through my constant learnings and experience’s, and help everyone see their potential in their true self.
“I am nothing like you. I am something like you. I am nothing but you”

image1Amanda Vitaro  RYT 200

I began practicing yoga in 2013 as an addition to my regular exercise routine which consisted of light weight training and long distance cycling. I admit, I was someone who thought yoga was just all about stretching without any strengthening component which didn’t have me convinced. It only took me a few classes to realize how wrong I was. I immediately fell in love with the practice and it did not take me long to have my “Ah-ha!” moment with it. When I noticed yoga and the underlying spiritual lessons it teaches seeping into my everyday life and actions, that’s when I decided I wanted to be able to help others have the same moment. I believe in yoga for healing, and yoga as a way of life. In September of 2014 I completed my 200 hour teacher training on the Big Island of Hawaii with Yandara Yoga Institute. Yoga has taught me to push myself to a comfortable edge on and off the mat, and has allowed find balance in life. My desire is to help you find the same.

image-2Christina Frondella  RTY 500

I began my yogic journey several years ago, when an advertisement for a local hot yoga studio sparked my interest. As my personal experience with yoga deepened, and I began to see positive changes in my body and mind, I decided to expand my practice by enrolling in a teacher training program at YogaSpace.

For the first time in my life, I found true purpose. As my journey progressed, I began to see how I could utilize this newfound knowledge to benefit my community.   Since then, my intention for each class has been to provide a safe, non-judgmental and fun space for students to explore the relationship between body, mind and breath. My vinyasa classes include hands-on adjustments, breath work, core strengthening and restorative elements aimed at quieting the “chatter” of the mind while strengthening body awareness.

Helping others explore their yogic journey continues to be an honour and a privilege for me.   I look forward to embarking on this path with each of you.