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Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions

Ladan PaoliniImagine an hour of your life totally dedicated to you.

Where you enter into an environment created to help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Where you’re given the space you need to heal and grow.

That’s the kind of special time that’s created for you during one of our private or semi-private sessions.

Whether you want to go deeper into your own personal yoga practice or you want to get clarity on a major life change.

This special time is dedicated to you – your needs, your wants, your goals.

These private sessions are setup to help you unleash the potential that sleeps inside of you.

This is a yoga experience unlike any other – it’s catered to your individual needs.

We will design a personalized yoga program focused entirely on you.

Private yoga sessions are perfect for those new to Yoga and is also great for those looking to deepen their practice and get one-on-one guidance. This is time that you can enjoy on your own or that you can share with someone special.

Call 905-265-2400 to Book Your Private or Group Yoga Session


60 minute in-studio private yoga $75 +HST

60 minute off-site private yoga $85 +HST


Host your EVENT!

60 minute in-studio private group yoga $115* +HST

60 minute off-site private group yoga $130* +HST

Call 905-265-2400 to Book Your Private or Group Yoga Session

If you have any questions about the private or group yoga session give us a call: 905-265-2400.

* Price listed for group sizes up to 10 people. Please add $10 per person for groups larger than 10.