Restorative Yoga & Thai Massage

relax and restore

Restorative Yoga & Thai Massage

with Liz Defreitas

When: Sunday October 22nd, 2-4 pm

Investment: $45 Pre-Registration $60 drop in

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A beautiful way to unwind…

Get stretched, and cultivate deep relaxation through the combined therapeutic power of Thai Massage and Restorative Yoga. During this special 2-hour class you will receive Thai massage therapy while being guided through a series of relaxing, restorative yoga poses. Prepare to let go of deep tension, breathe more deeply, and almost effortlessly flow into bliss.

Restorative Yoga allows for total relaxation bringing equilibrium to the nervous system.  By surrendering to stillness, the mind and body will be fully able to receive breath creating true relaxation.  This combination will open the practitioner to experience benefits on a physical, mental and energetic level.

Restorative Yoga postures are created to gently open your body in restful postures with the use of supportive props, breathing and meditative techniques to give you maximum comfort and relaxation. It allows you to recover and rejuvenate from the daily stresses of life by releasing tense muscles, relieving joint aches, and calming your mind.

Then go deeper into relaxation by releasing even further through the deeply penetrating power of Thai Massage. At key points during your session you will be pampered and stretched to help you experience even fuller states of peace and tranquility. Thai yoga massage will help bring balance to your body and release whatever energy blockages you may still be holding onto.

About Liz Defreitas (RYT 200 & Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner)liz-yoga-thai-massage-instructor


My introduction to yoga began in 1999. Drawn to extremes, I voraciously experimented with different styles, from intense physically challenging classes to the opposite end of the spectrum moving into complete stillness and relaxation.

The latter has proven to be my greatest challenge and has formed the basis for my own practice and teaching aesthetic.

My classes incorporate meditation, yin and restorative yoga. Through this advanced practice, regardless of experience, students are encouraged to experiment and address their own challenges whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

I am inspired by and thankful to all my students for creating an active supportive community and for allowing themselves to experience relaxation in its truest form on their path towards balance and emotional well being.