Yin Yoga by Candlelight

Yin Yoga by Candlelight

Join Ashleigh Irwin for A Peaceful Evening of Candlelit Yin Yoga

Sunday June 14th Class Cancelled

Explore the quiet inwardness and peace of long-held gentle poses in a Yin practice. Yin is a form of yoga that creates space in the fascia, joints, ligaments and connective tissue by deep stretching and holding postures around 5 minutes.

This class is the perfect way to start your week, invest in yourself and leave feeling relaxed, calm and connected back to your body, mind and soul.

What People Are Saying About This Class

“Candlelight Yin Yoga was the perfect way to end my weekend after much busyness. I was able to support my body and relieve tension and stress on a mental level as well. This class was taught with beautiful grace and care. It’s an ideal way to begin a new week.”

“Great escape from the fast-paced lifestyle we get used to. Allows time for yourself, relaxation and to clear your head.”

“Yin Yoga by candlelight is the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself and be still.”

“I would most definitely attend again if Ashley were to teach the Yin Yoga classes on an ongoing basis.”

What did people like best about the Yin Yoga by Candlelight class?

  • I loved the candlelit serenity and the poses were perfectly approachable and restoring.
  • Very peaceful.
  • Holding the poses for longer periods of time.
  • The ability to let go.
  • Hard to say as everything was amazing.

About Ashleigh:
Ashleigh Irwin - Candlelight Yin YogaAshleigh started practicing yoga over four years ago; it was an escape from her demanding job. As each class progressed it became clear that this escape was becoming something more, and Ashleigh began to embark on a spiritual journey that offered much more than a yoga class.

Yoga has helped Ashleigh reconnect with her body after taking several years off from dancing; it has also opened up a new world of peace and stillness through meditation which previously never existed.

Ashleigh teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga all under the Anusara principal’s. This type of yoga resonates the most with Ashleigh, and has helped her open her heart to something bigger on and off the mat. As a teacher, Ashleigh prides herself on focusing all attention on her student’s, and making it a safe and loving environment to learn and practice in.