Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

“I wish I had taken a Yoga for Beginners program when I first got into Yoga. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and made my practice so much stronger.”
Ian Marshall

Tuesdays 8:30-9:30 PM

November 7 to December 19th

Investment: $140 (7 Weeks)  (Please call studio to register once the session has started)

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Save Your Spot! Space is limited. These classes do sell out. So be sure to reserve your spot now. Register now online, in person, or by phone (905-265-2400). Have questions about the class? We’re happy to answer them! Just give us a call. If a session is already in progress and you’d like to join, we can pro-rate you for the remaining weeks. Contact us.

New to Yoga? Looking to step on the mat for the first time?

Then the Yoga for Beginners series is perfect for you.

This program is recommended for those new to yoga and who want to establish a solid foundation for their practice.

In our Yoga for Beginners you will learn and explore:

  • The foundations of yoga, including standing and sitting postures (asanas)
  • Breathing (pranayama)
  • Meditation

Each week we will explore a new dimension of the practice including:

  • Synchronizing breath to movement
  • Alignment details
  • Muscles used in specific poses
  • Physical benefits of poses

Some of the main reason people have come to our Beginners Yoga program are:

  • To relieve stress
  • To become more flexible
  • To learn how to relax
  • To find themselves
  • To create balance in their lives
  • To learn to stretch
  • To strengthen
  • To have a guided practice
  • To gain knowledge of the basics and foundations of yoga
  • More inner peace
  • To retreat from the world
  • To review their form
  • To reconnect
  • This studio

What our past students to us that they liked best about the class:

  • The smaller class size and relaxation at the end
  • That it’s an intimate class and environment
  • The stretching and learning how to breathe and relax
  • The stretches – cat, cow and tree.
  • Learning how to relax
  • Great instructor that takes the time to explain the poses properly
  • The guided, slower pace with adjustments for the poses
  • Learning the poses in detail

On top of the foundations for yoga during the Yoga for Beginners series you can expect that your overall fitness levels will improve, you’ll gain strength, increase your flexibility and have greater balance and stability.


Here’s what our students have said about the Yoga for Beginners Program

“What a positive space for learning! The instructor is fantastic and the pace is great. Truly and guided yoga class. Thank you.”
Christina Urban

“I enjoyed the class because it was small. The instructor explained all the moves very well and was very patient (and has a calming voice).”
Julie Ciardulli

“Wonderful teacher!”
Alba Basila

“Great beginners class to help understand the yoga poses, series and breathing.”
Laura Coppola

“Lillian is a great teacher who makes you feel like anyone can learn yoga! I really enjoy the atmosphere and intimacy of this studio.”

“The Yoga for Beginners program helps you to relax and get rid of any stress you have built up over the day.”
Deborah Phillips

“Beginner’s Yoga class is not only for those new to yoga. Body to Bliss’ Yoga instructors encourage, embrace and respect all attendees at whatever level. It’s a great class to reconnect after an absence for whatever reason. It’s easy and simple to learn the basics of the practice which makes you want more. They embrace the real meaning of yoga – it’s you and your mat – body, mind, soul. Best Yoga Studio!!”
Gerri MacNeil

Upcoming Series Dates:

March 2nd – April 27th

About your teacher: Lillian Chan

LilianI was first exposed to Yoga in the year 2000 and have enjoyed practicing ever since. When I left the corporate world of retail back in 2012 I found myself drawn to explore the practice even further and enrolled in the Teacher Training Program at Body to Bliss Yoga Studio where I completed and graduated from the course in June 2013.  I never imagined a form of exercise and relaxation would turn into a 2nd career.

Since then I have been teaching classes at Body to Bliss Yoga Studio as well as bringing yoga to the areas surrounding the city of Vaughan & Brampton.

I am pleased to offer yoga to students of various levels and exposure ranging from the young age of 6 to seniors.  In addition to my RYT 200 certification under the Yoga Alliance of Canada, I also hold various hours and certificates in other yoga related training such as YIN, Kids Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chair Yoga, Prenatal, aa well as understanding the importance of Core and Pilates methods.

The physical practice of yoga has definitely help strengthen my body and allow for better flexibility over the years but it is the true overall practice of yoga that has enhanced my body, mind and spirit; my life!